We travel…  A LOT!  Leslie travels to the Philippines once a month for ten days on business.  Rob has traveled for both business and fun.  You know that saying, “Proper planning prevents piss poor performance”?  Same thing goes for SOS!  Preparation is key for staying on plan while you’re traveling.  Find a few things you can prepare and pack ahead of time; ours have been granola, muffins, protein powder, and almonds.  If you’re going someplace where you have easy access to stores and a refrigerator, buy yogurt, veggies, and almond milk when you get to your destination.  If not, check out how Rob got creative in the Camping section below.  Without further ado, here are some of our secrets to stay on plan and be successful…Bon voyage!

Manila, Philippines

Leslie spent the better part of Phase 1 on one of her trips to Manilla.  While it was quite the challenge, she made it through with success!  We packed up protein powder, almonds, granola, and muffins.  We also sent her with some of the trusty crockpot buffalo chicken lettuce wraps for the long flight over.

While there, she found some fat free greek yogurt, almond milk and a salad place that is similar to Mad Greens here.  She would also hit the breakfast at the hotel to get veggies.  Because the cooks where she stays would have no idea where to begin on cooking egg whites without any butter or excessive oil, she opted for hard boiled eggs.  Peeling egg after egg while her co-workers looked on at amazement for her dedication to the program.  She was able to make due with room service for the rest of the meals.

Las Vegas

Rob spent four days in Las Vegas for a business conference during Phase 2.  Who knew that Vegas, on top of all of the other things contributing to its moniker Sin City, has got to be one of the unhealthiest places on earth in food terms?  He was able to make it through successfully with a little forethought and planning.  Before leaving, we packed up snack baggies of protein powder (Wonder what TSA thought?), granola, muffins and almonds.

Once on the ground and checked in, he took off to the nearest big pharmacies.  It took going to two to get the necessary supplies: a styrofoam cooler (because the hotel wanted $30/day to get one in the room), almond milk and non-fat greek yogurt

He got a bit of a big head for outsmarting the hotel on the refrigerator business.  A $6 cooler and they provided the ice.  How about that stick in the eye, Monte Carlo?  This made it so that he could have some of the basics on hand.  At a minimum there was a wake up meal of Protein Powder and Almond milk, meal of Yogurt and Granola, and muffins.  That left it to having to find lean protein and vegetables.  Seemingly easy enough, right?

He was putting about six miles a day on the pedometer by walking from restaurant to restaurant looking at the menu to see if they offered anything that would be within the rules.  Here is what to look for: Subway, most steakhouses (Look for the “Loin” steaks), Starbucks (good oatmeal option), street taco shops, and a little creativity.  He found that it was cheaper to eat a monster salad with smoked chicken at a bbq joint than at Subway.  Not that the Subway option is bad, but for some reason the price is double in Vegas.  Outback Steakhouse had a great sirloin steak and steamed vegetables, and he found a Mexican joint  that offered  steak fajitas with lettuce cups instead of tortillas.  The Mexican joint started a new beast, as that is the food that he craves the most.  We now have fajitas at least once a week.  They are easy and well within plan, and they’re even tastier for lunch the next day.  When you get to Phase 2, you can swap the swap REAL tortillas for the lettuce cups.  We use the La Tortilla Factory Low Carb Whole Wheat tortillas; learn from Leslie’s mistake and be sure to buy the small ones!


Rob heads to the western slope of Colorado every November for a ten day Elk hunting trip with a few of his close friends. While it would be considered camping, they have just about every amenity besides electricity and plumbing.  They have a huge setup with a propane fueled oven and stove.  They usually prepare meals at home which are vacuum sealed, frozen, then heated up in boiling water when they are up there and ready to devour the meal.

In preparation we made a ton of vegetable beef soup, chicken and vegetable soup, pumpkin pancakes (SOS book recipe) and of course the trusty granola and protein powder.  He also took a pretty good stock of sirloin steaks to grill over the fire,  tuna for tuna salad wraps, salad mix, yogurt cups (non-fat greek of course!)  and veggies like red bell peppers, carrots, and single serve green bean cups.  His friends, who are supportive of his participation in SOS, also brought things like lean fajita steak, carne asada, and lean beef chili without beans.

Rob claims that he ate like a champ up there, but he came back looking like he lost another 20 pounds.  While his quest for an Elk was unsuccessful, his adherence to the Phase 2 of SOS was a huge success.  In reality, he only lost about ten pounds according to the scale, but Leslie thinks the scale is lying.  (This is Leslie here: you guys, this is the skinniest I have ever seen him!)

In summary

What we would like you to take away from this post is that just because your life is busy and you are on the run, sticking to the SOS program is not as prohibitive as you might think.  You really can be a long ways away from the comforts of your own kitchen and still stick with the plan.  Don’t let the seemingly scant list of foods be a reason for you not to get out of town for an adventure!