It has been a little while, ok a month, since we have posted anything.  Just like everyone else’s life around the holidays, we got busy.  Not so busy we fell off plan or anything detrimental, just fell off the blogging bus.  We are back.  We have also brought another friend with us.

Jose, one of Rob’s co-workers, dove in and started SOS a couple of weeks ago.  He was already on a good path of eating clean and working out, but he had plateaued on his old system and wanted to try something new.  His first week got things moving again, to the tune of six pounds.  His pants are already getting loose from his first week and a half in phase 1 and his motivation was gaining even more momentum, not that he needed any more.  He is dedicated to getting healthier and has been in that mindset for a while now.  So, with his success there have been a couple more people around Rob’s office that have been showing interest enough to buy the SOS book.  This New Year’s post is a shout out to those about to take the leap of dedicating themselves to a new lifestyle…and to Jose’s future success!

Lets talk about resolutions.  First of all, SOS is a life long resolution, not a month-long resolution.  As we have found, just like is stated in the SOS book, these are permanent changes in habit, mindset, and of course happiness.  We are not trying to come off negative by saying that New Year’s resolutions are bad, quite the opposite in fact.  We ENCOURAGE you to make the resolution to lead the SOS lifestyle!  It has made our lives considerably better, we just didn’t know that could happen before we started.  Not only has our physical/nutritional well-being improved, so has our mental well being.  The healthy demands of this program fuel those good endorphins through the exercise and unprocessed food regimen.

What does it take to really make SOS work for the longterm?  Rob likes to think of it in associative terms from a military concept called the “Combat Triad”.  The proven theory establishes that for survival in combat there are three pillars that must be mastered, Marksmanship (shooting a gun well), Gun Handling (handling/manipulating the gun efficiently) and Mindset (being mentally prepared and strong).  How in the world can this theory be associated with SOS?  It is simple actually.  Only two of the pillars need to be changed.  With those changed, we now have the SOS “Combat Triad” of Mindset (being mentally prepared and strong), Consumption (eating well) and Movement (manipulate/handle your metabolism well).

Generally, a one legged stool is not an efficient or comfortable base.  Mindset, which is important in countless aspects of our lives, cannot alone be the driving force in getting things done.  Mindset just prevents the other two legs from buckling under the stress.  So, when you make that New Year’s resolution to start SOS you really need to be making a resolution to change your mindset.  The SOS mindset has a lot of different facets.  It is healthy.  It is active.  It is happy.  It is determined.  It is fraternal.  It is one complex bugger that will be a little different for each individual.  Just remember, while it is not always easy to keep the mindset (Leslie has thought, “this is ridiculous, and I’m exhausted” more than a few times), there are two other legs to bolster it when it wants to buckle.  When the program gets hard, take a few minutes to evaluate your weekly logs.  Are you clearly on plan?  How about your exercise, is it where you want to be?  Remember, these three things working together will get you through the battle to get healthier.  If you are still struggling, look to a fellow SOS’er for that little boost.  We all need a back rest sometimes, don’t hesitate to seek out a little support!

With that, we wish you all a Happy New Year!