Our, Leslie and Rob’s, State of Slim journey started in September, 2016.  For those of you that are unfamiliar with the program, it is also called the “Colorado Diet” and has been showcased on the reality series “Extreme Weight Loss“.  Simply put, it is a diet regimen that is based on clean eating and exercise.  The reality is that the plan is not simple at all.  It takes willpower, dedication, self control and plain old hard work.  We are not here to teach you the program, that is best left to the creators (Dr. Holly Wyatt and Dr. James Hill).  Read the book at a minimum, it is engaging and a quick read.

We were introduced to the program after Rob went to his doctor for his yearly check up.  After a short discussion about weight with his doctor, he was referred to Dr. Wyatt.  After meeting with Dr. Wyatt, it wasn’t a question of “Should we start the program?”, it was “When should we start the program?”.  The date was selected soon after and it was off to the races in no time!    About five weeks into the program, the idea of starting a blog came up over a tasty homemade meal.  We want to show others that we came up with tasty and fairly simple “go-to” meals that were within the plan.  These foods made the plan “easy” for us because we were able to make food that we enjoy eating, while substantially improving our health and how we feel.

Since this is our first shake at blogging, we hope to live up to our dreams of how this goes.  Most importantly, we hope that this helps you out on your own SOS journey.  If you have feedback, positive or constructive, please reach out to us!