Here are some of the websites we have found useful or frequently visit.


State of Slim -The website for the book.

Anschutz Wellness- State of Slim -Where the magic happens, weight loss style

Facebook- State of Slim -Good resource for finding fellow SOS’ers, encouragement, recipes and success stories

Skinnytaste -Fantastic recipes that are easily adaptable to the program

The Sweet Life Chef -Fellow SOS’er that shares some really good recipes.

Orange Theory Fitness -The gym we joined.  Low pressure, no contract, great workouts for all abilities

Runners Edge of the Rockies – Running group that we joined.  It is a great way to make running a social event

Roadrunner Sports – Great deals on running/fitness gear

Performance Bicycle – Great deals on cycling/fitness gear

Good Free Photos – Free domain photos that help us dress up the blog